Play In The Dirt Designs

Play In The Dirt Designs has been maintaining, creating and restructuring residential and corporate landscapes in the Twin Cities with over 10 years of experience. We specialize in developing maintenance plans for the rehabilitation of existing landscape and restructuring of sustainable options.

Our goal is to offer and deliver a sustainable maintenance or restructuring plan, that captures the aesthetic flow and functional expectations of your property.

Within every project or revitalization plan, I focus on sustainable resources that exist on site and enhance the ability to benefit from those in your landscape. Sustainability, albeit used in every facet of the world these days which dilutes its purpose, simply means tailoring something to fit the readily available resources and flourish within that system. Sustainable urban landscapes are more than just native plantings left unattended, it brings alive a whole new spectrum of colors, depth and textures. I am excited by every opportunity to  shift us closer to that concept one landscape at a time. Check out our Services page for details on how we can bring your landscape to life!

Sustainable Landscapes that do more than just Work! They Dazzle!